Sunday, November 3, 2019

wilcoxon rudimental challenge 2019

No photo description available.A tip o' the hat to Kevin Lehman for setting up the Wilcoxon Rudimental Challenge on Facebook.
Rudimental drummers from around the world are posting videos of themselves playing one of the solos from the seminal collection "All-American Drummer: 150 Rudimental Solos" by Charley Wilcoxon.

This book is filled with intermediate to advanced rudimental solos that assume a knowledge of at least the first thirteen traditional drum rudiments (based on the 26 original rudiments as designated by the founders of NARD back in the 1930s -- NOT the 40 rudiments designated much later by Percussive Arts Society).

I wasn't challenged to join the group by another drummer, so I worked up a solo of my choice, joined the group and tossed my hat in the ring. It took several days to work up the solo to a reasonable temp, and another hour to play it through several times with the repeat without screwing up, before I felt ready to make a video of myself. Then it took another ten takes or so to get a clean take from start to finish. Even then, it was hairy going, and I could've done the end of the repeat better; but it was fun to challenge myself like this.

I'll totally do it again very soon.

(Here's my attempt for posterity, played in the new drum which still needs some gradual fine-tuning and tightening over the next week or so. NOTE: I chose to play the rolls timed and wide open, rather than to rush the drags and risk blowing the timing and tempo. It's an individual choice, and up to each drummer what to do with the rolls.)

Enjoy! And if you think you'd like to give this a try, contact Kevin Lehman at the Facebook group to learn more. The group has grown rapidly so that there are now a few repeats of solos but that's probably not a huge deal if most of the solos in the book are spoken for. Check with Kevin.

If you don't own this book, it's available at multiple book stores, including Powell's Books in Portland, and also from Reverb online.

Here's Solo No. 1 if you're so inclined to dive into the collection. I think it's worth owning a copy of the whole collection. Happy drumming!

Friday, November 1, 2019

new drum day, updated: 2000's Pearl ST "shorty" marching snare

I got this a few weeks ago, for a song. It needed work, cleaning and new heads.

Last night I installed the new heads -- Mylar top and bottom, and tuned it up.
The gut snares still need to be tuned individually but they're in good shape.
The carrier bracket that came installed on the drum is damaged (possibly in shipping? Don't know, don't care). It will make a nice paper weight once I find a workable replacement and carrier.

I may need to wait on the carrier until I get pad for another gig in late November. But I've got my eye on one that I think would work. meanwhile, it will be fine to sit on a stand and play at home.

Floating drum hardware basically allows the shell to "float" freely while the hardware holds the structure of the entire drum in place. When I installed the snare side head, I took the shell out to show my partner how the whole thing works; then, of course, I couldn't get the shell back in without disaligning the badge. I may try to straighten it if I can do so without totally removing the snare side head and rim again.

Pearl ST Shorty, 13" x 9"
Batter: Remo Powerstroke 4
Snare: Remo Ambassador snare

I'm looking forward to some quiet time at home so I can really play this thing.