Sunday, October 27, 2019

a sneak-peek through my brain: decisions, decisions

At my other music blog, I go into detail about the decision-making process behind how I record and what I record, as a singer-songwriter who self-produces her own albums.

I did all the writing over there, and you can check it out if you're interested.

At the risk of being real and warty, I've posted myself playing percussion accompaniment to roughly the same section of one of my songs, four times, each with a different instrumentation. I wanted to get a sense of how each might work.

I was limited by my technology and by lack of practice time from my hand injury, but whatever.
Warts and all, here they are.

Drum kit. (Suitcase bass drum):


Drum pad (a la BYOS, but way, WAY simpler):

Bucket drum:

Standup Cajon:

In the end, I will probably just go with vocal and guitar. Because the whole percussion accompaniment thing isn't fully formed enough for me to be happy with any of these options, I'll let them go for now, and maybe I'll come back to them later.
But it was fun to mess around with all these options.

Anyway, there it is. Feel free to read the other blog to get the complete picture.

I promise that when I'm past all the recording details, I'll post something here again about vintage drums. Cheers!

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